My Artistic Interiors

Suzanne Loggere

A superb designer of classic chic interiors for more than three decades, Suzanne Loggere is an importer of fabrics, furniture and home accessories, besides being a well-respected interior decorator. Her bubbly, dynamic personality allows her to transform every interior into a balanced and colourful whole. My Artistic Interiors is chock-full of practical knowhow and is – it would be, wouldn’t it – beautifully made.

In 2016 Suzanne Loggere has been working for over 30 years as an importer of luxurious wallpapers, fabrics and furniture. Esteemed brands like Elitis from France, the Italian Etro, Venetian Rubelli en Donghia from the USA trust and respect timelessly chic, extraordinarily inviting style in which Suzanne brings their precious materials together. 

Although the use of color has always been the binding element in presentations at her showroom Landhuis Gooilust and her private home in the Orangerie of Landgoed Hilverbeek, it has never been represented in a book until now. So the release of ‘Style Setting Interiors. Color by Suzanne Loggere’ would be cause for some celebration even if the book wasn’t as stunning as it looks. The volume takes readers on a tour of eye-catching presentations in which Loggere demonstrates the decisive role color can play in the classic interior. 

‘This book will hopefully remain lingering on the coffee-table for years, because it contains such great and meaningful ideas’ says Suzanne. For people who are familiar with the classic interior, the beautiful photography confirms the sublimity of Loggere’s approach. And for those not familiar with this aesthetic, it offers the chance to discover the way to mix good antique furniture with vibrant patterns and bold colors.

WOTH's Mary Hessing was asked by Suzanne Loggere to help her create this book. 

My Artistic Interiors (ENG) € 39.95
Aerial Media Company
ISBN 9789402601565


coverphoto Marc van Praag


Art direction
Creative direction


Suzanne loggere




Creative direction
WOTH studio, Mary Hessing
Art direction
Swan Lian Kwee 
Final editing
Rachel Lancashire
Words and translation
Anita Bijlma, InOtherWords, D'laine Camp, Jesse van der Hoeven
Suzanne Loggere, Marc van Praag, Peter Baas
Aerial Media Company