Stylist het magazine van de interieurprofessionals van BNS Crisp

Stylist! Magazine was developed by WOTH Studio for BNS Crisp. 
Featuring Studio Truly Truly, interior designer Ghislaine van Loosbroek Viñas (Dutch by origin but working her magic ways in New York and LA), Creative Pioneers; New and interesting ways of building houses and communities, Color, CorUnum, Social label, Joris Laarman, FullGrown, Piet Paris, The Wunderkammer and so much more. 
Thanks to the wonderful team that worked with us on this: Sylvia Emonts , Arjen van Leeuwen, Emilie Escher, JW Kaldenbach , Kate Maat,Eddy Wenting, Wilmar Grossouw, Henk ten Brink, Beldan Sezen. 

You can order the magazine at
Special Launch events were organised together with launching partners; Cosentino Amsterdam, Nidum Grave, Pot Axel