WOTH's wonderful warehouse

In the past few years WOTH gallery has opened up house to showcase the WOTH Wonderful Things magazine in a three-dimensional way. Because you can never get enough of colour and shape and we love to share our vision. 

In the patio of the WOTH warehouse, Muller Van Severen’s beautiful outdoor table and chair set for Valerie Objects is made from aluminium with lacquer in different colour combinations. The tables come in brushed aluminium or Hammerite enamel in green or blue (Alu Chair), Alu Table, diameter 65.5 cm.

This huge floral sculpture by designer Linda Nieuwstad is made from enamelled steel and lorry tarp. In the foreground is outdoor lounge chair Palissade High by the Bouroulec's (Hay via Just Haasnoot). 

For the Austrian Wittman, Jaime Hayon designed voluptuous chair Vuelta, here covered in eye-catching, orange velvet Harald by Kvadrat (at Just Haasnoot). On the wall is a fluorescent green Muller Van Severen lamp, the N02 for Valerie Objects (at Tuttobene). Above the door of the former cold store is a fragile metal clock in salmon pink, Alu Alu by Richard Lampert.

This special version of the Martin Visser sofa (Spectrum) is covered in a fabric from designer Raf Simons’s recently launched textile collection (at Just Haasnoot). On the sideboard is the matching elbow rest. The standing lamp on the left is the Superloon, a minimalist design by Jasper Morrison for Flos. The lamp hanging behind the sofa is the N03 by Muller Van Severen for Valerie Objects. The throw is a mohair/Merino wool specimen from Mae Engelgeer’s new Mono Collection in black, wool white and salmon. The heater is the exceptional Cut Out Square Stove by Klaas Kuiken. On the sideboard (a design by the founders of WOTH) are a vase by Alex de Witte for Cor Unum and a small model of the Hensen Chair, a design by Kranen/Gille for Nieuw Duivendrecht (everything at Tuttobene). 

In the kitchen is a magnificent installation of mouth-blown lamps in opal pink, soft blue and smoky grey from The Big Bubble Coloured Edition by designer Alex de Witte (Tuttobene). The green tiles are MoroccanZeligers (at Emeryetcie.com).The kitchen is a design by the founders of WOTH. 

Made in the Netherlands but especially popular abroad: Modiste cabinets, custom-made in various wood and colour combinations. Also makes an excellent room divider. The white 900 series has two units that can be closed by perforated steel or smoked glass doors (Just Haasnoot).

Standing on the white Slim Table by Bertjan Pot for Arco is a small army of vases by Jeroen Wand. The mouth-blown glass vase is by Louise Roe Copenhagen. The two wooden Hiroshima chairs are by Naoto Fukasawa for Maruni Japan (Just Haasnoot). In the background are the series Tube Vases by Handmade Industrials and the walnut Mr. Knox Humidor by Stephan Siepermann. Above the table are three Fresnel lamps by Dirk van der Kooi (everything at Tuttobene). 

The two oak display cases with smoked glass by De Intuïtiefabriek are filled with dinnerware in tones of blue by De Intuïtiefabriek, cutlery by Maarten Baas for Valerie Objects and tea towels by Mae Engelgeer. In the background Current Curtain by studio VANTOT, an ingenious, decorative lighting system (everything at Tuttobene). 

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Jaime Hayon’s huge Vuelta sofa for Wittman fills the room. This one is covered in a deep shade of dark blue velvet, Harald, by Kvadrat. On the sofa are cushions by Hella Jongerius for the KLM business lounge for Kvadrat and a metallic cushion by Mae Engelgeer (Just Haasnoot). The two impressive mirrors on the sideboard are by Tjimke, in front of those are miniature vase by Jeroen Wand and a glass cookie jar by Ontwerpduo. The two lamps are by Muller Van Severen for Valerie Objects, N01 in green and N04 in blue. All parts of the bright blue table have been sawed from a single piece of plywood, an ingenious design by Ferdinand Kramer. On the table is a mouth-blown glass dish by Louise Roe Copenhagen (at Just Haasnoot). The rocking chair in green and tan tack leather is Muller Van Severen’s First Rocking Chair for Valerie Objects. The carpet is vintage Moroccan.

This is the rocking chair with which Muller Van Severen made a name for themselves, aptly called the First Rocking Chair. Beside it sits a square table that looks different from every angle called the Alu Square, also by Muller Van Severen, both for Valerie Objects. On the table and the window sill are ceramic objects by De Intuïtiefabriek. The copper desk lamp is by Anour (everything at Just Haasnoot). On the floor is a vintage Moroccan carpet.


In the space in the background is an impressive installation comprising various Space Frame light objects by Studio Mieke Meyer (Tuttobene). 

Suspended from the ceiling is the Grid Space Divider by David Derksen and on the floor is a purple/blue Re-Vive carpet by Studio Rens in collaboration with Desso, 170 x 240 cm, both at Tuttobene. The low lounge chair is the Togo, a 1973 classic after a design by Michel Ducaroy for Ligne Roset, covered in rich, tobacco-coloured fabric Haakon by Raf Simons for Kvadrat. The marble Enoki table with a fluorescent pink foot is by Philipp Mainzer for e15. The standing brass lamp N01 is by Muller Van Severen for Valerie Objects (everything at Just Haasnoot). On the wall is a magic red oval mirror by Tjimke (at Tuttobene). On the sideboard is the orange-anodized clock Floating Frames Mantleclock designed by Kiki van Eijk that is exclusively available for WOTH readers at Galerie Christian Ouwens in Rotterdam. 

No less than 320 cm high, the bright pink felt plant is Strelitzia by Wandschappen. In the foreground are the Slim Table by Bertjan Pot for Arco and two burgundy Alu Chairs by Muller Van Severen for Valerie Objects. The Cutting Boards on the wall are by the same duo. The sideboard is a design by the founders of WOTH and made to measure (info@woth.co).


On the wall is Trivets, a poetic series of table mats by Muller Van Severen for Valerie Objects, flanked by soft pink velvet curtains by Kvadrat.


Art direction


Design Kwartier Den Haag




Just Haasnoot
TuttoBene; VanTot, David Derksen, Tjimke, Studio Rens, Dirk van der Kooi, Jeroen Want, Hand Made Industrials, De Intuitiëfabriek, Alex de Witte, Mae Engelgeer, Stephan Siemermann, Tjimke, Thier van Daalen, Studio Mieke Meijer.
Valerie Objects; Muller Van Severen, Maarten Baas
Linda Nieuwstad
Kiki van Eijk
Creative Direction
WOTH studio, Mary Hessing
Dennis Brandsma