David Hummelen + Feddow Claassen at Art The Hague

WOTH Gallery proudly presented luminary objects by Feddow Claassen alongside the aesthetic photography of David Hummelen during Art The Hague 2022. 


IMG 9281

Colours — by David Hummelen

Woth presented photographic artworks by David Hummelen. Art and design are interesting worlds that intersect. After his studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven, David Hummelen got an increasing urge to make functionless objects, in which he can freely focus on the aesthetics and atmosphere that emanates from the work.

OBJECT & MIRRORS — Feddow Claessen

The complexities of reflections and refractions are apparent in a new series of objects, on show at WOTH Gallery, Feddow Claassen is playing the rules of perspective.

IMG 9273
IMG 9304

Amber Mirrors

These perfect 'amber mirrors' consist of layers of colors fused into a thick sheet of acrylic glass.