Das Haus

Each year as a focal point of the IMM Cologne furniture fair, Das Haus showcases an emerging designer’s personal vision of contemporary, domestic living in a space of 180m2. As the designers of Das Haus 2019, Studio Truly Truly responded to contemporary fluid living by creating a house divided into various atmospheric moods rather than functions. WOTH featured elements of Das Haus in the exhibition space as part of WOTH Embassy of Design.


Press Sofa

Prototype. Created for Das Haus, IMM Cologne, 2019
Pressure from a bold wooden frame causes the voluminous cushions to bulge in natural curves which exaggerate comfort and softness. The central cushions can be positioned in a variety of ways. Small side tables are created by the wood that spans the sofa and clenches the accompanying long, low pouf. The ‘mono’ colour palette was chosen to draw attention to the sofa's materiality. Upholstered in Kvadrat Vidar 3 by Raf Simons. Stained ash wood.

Frame Rug

Prototype. Created for Das Haus, IMM Cologne, 2019
A minimal rug reduced to the essence of colour and materiality. The rug is created in piles of differing heights with an exaggerated fringing feature. Colour and texture vary subtly Inside and outside the fringed ‘frame’. The central rectangle can be placed to define a space between furniture or encourage interesting compositional overlaps.


For IKEA PS-2017
A deconstructed sofa that allows comfort to be added separate to the frame. Studio Truly Truly researched and re-imagined the typical sofa by exaggerating comfort into an expressive element. Manipulating standard cushions, they developed a form reminiscent of a fluffy cloud. Users can attach standard 50cm cushions of their own choice to a minimal metal frame, and if they wish, join two frames together to form a full sofa. The frame is sold separate to the cushions opening up the possibility  to create a unique, personalised sofa and giving the sofa a longer life-span because it can be easily updated or adapted. This flexibility of character and function allows the sofa to remain relevant for the user - a kind of future proofing - while the separable parts are easily reused or recycled.


Strata Rug

Prototype, 2019. Created for Das Haus, IMM Cologne, 2019.
A woven rug from thick wool, with a bold organic shape which references the layers or ‘strata’ of the earth. Thin stripes made from a melange yarn sit lower in height creating a subtle material contrast to the heavily textured wool weave.


Edition of illuminated sculptures, 2018. Created for Gallery Vivid, Art Basel.
An exploration into  light, shadow and form with coloured anodizing. Column V and VI are made with anodised aluminium colours that are particularly radiant. These two architectural, illuminated sculptures bring together space and texture with a new perspective on colour and material.



Ostinato Bed

Produced by Mast Furniture. Ostinato is a continually repeated musical phrase or rhythm – a rhythm echoed in this bed’s detailed finger-joinery. Minimal & contemporary in form, the bed features a sculptural shelf that works as a bed foot or head – a place to sit a cup, lamp or store a blanket. Warm-coloured wood and detailed joinery lend a classic edge.

Touched Table Lights

Series of unique pieces, 2017. In collaboration with the Netherlands National Glass Museum
Truly Truly worked with the Netherlands National Glass Museum to experiment with a novel method of casting glass. They built a spherical outer-mould holding adjustable pins, positioned in a grid around the sphere. The dynamic mould becomes a suggestive architecture; it allows the designers to influence the glass with a gentle touch. The designer and the glass engage in a co-creation in which forces of nature collide with human intervention. The resulting unreal and morphed shapes give full expression to the inherent properties of blown glass: tension, expansion, elasticity, gravity and fluidity. The process of the dynamic mould results in each Touched table light being subtly unique.



Unique pieces, 2015. 
The ‘Fuse’ cabinet is a contemporary exploration in decorative wood-craft. It was born from a desire to create an unnatural connection of natural materials. Cedar wood is layered on an angle with black marble and basalt in synthetic resin. Sanding one side results in two very different, but co-existing surfaces. The marble seems to ‘fuse’ into the cedar, winding in and around the cabinet while also holding it together. The resulting object has a strong graphic presence; the organic lines of the exterior at sharp contrast with the geometric zig-zags of the internal structure.
Cedar wood, marble & basalt in synthetic resin, steel. Hand made in the Netherlands.


Glimpse Mirrored Screens

Prototype. Created for Das Haus, IMM Cologne, 2019
Taking cues from the fleeting tangibility of a mirage, these sculptural glass screens play with reflection, transparency and colour. Unconventional, abstract objects, they are a combination of room-divider, mirror and display shelf. The facets of semi-transparent glass are composed in a balance of soft colour and half-mirror.

Joel giving a lecture on Das Haus during the opening of the show. 




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