WOTH @ North Sea Jazz

WOTH Gallery debuted at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2023, exhibiting new fresh work by amazing Dutch Designers, while enjoying some of the worlds most wonderful musicians; Gregory Porter, Lizzo, Raisin Murphy and Tom Jones (still going strong)!

Mary Hessing selected NEW Dutch Design - involving a sustainable element of sorts: Juno Brown, Nienke Sikkema, Jana Flohr & Thomas Linssen of House of Thol and Ilse Evers of Eversom.

eversom Dudok
IMG 4264
EversomOBJECT2022Lowres klein Jacqueline Fuijkschot 3
Recycled firehose by Ilse Evers of Eversom



JWK 0002
Wonderful recycled tubes lamps by Juno Brown
IMG 4234



IMG 4260
meerarmige kandelaren bijelkaar
Fat full glass chandeliers by Nienke Sikkema



IMG 4263
bymashabakker 1816 orig
Recycled Ahrend office furniture by House of Thol
recabinet green open 01 square orig